About Us

When a person is far from home, in unfamiliar territory and suddenly taken seriously ill, for the individual, family, partner or colleagues the situation can quite often escalate into an overwhelmingly worrying, stressful and lonely time.

At Ambufly our team of professionals is here to provide expert help and support when you need it the most. We provide reassurance by taking great care of you and your loved ones by removing the worry, stress and loneliness so often experienced under such difficult circumstances and formulating the most suitable plan of action.

The delivery and operation of a dedicated air ambulance service is highly specialised and can prove incredibly complex, despatching such a resource is not taken lightly.

With Ambufly’s depth of expertise and knowledge, we only use the most suitably equipped aircraft and highly skilled clinicians on our dedicated air ambulance flights on a case by case basis. The patient can be assured of receiving the best possible care to suit their immediate needs.

Our Teams

Ratna Biswas


Samit Biswas


Ambufly’s mission is to help save lives by continuing to provide the safest, highest standard and level of quality and care to those at their time of need.

Ambufly continues to seek, develop and introduce innovative solutions in order to achieve the goal of becoming the number 1 service provider of air ambulance support and solutions for it’s clients across the globe.