The Service

Ambufly’s multilingual and experienced operation’s team is online to respond to requests for medical assistance and repatriation flights each and every hour of the day, 365 days a year.

On receipt of the patient’s medical information, Ambufly’s specialist clinicians rapidly determine the best course of action, be that to despatch a medical team via a dedicated air ambulance, arrange local transportation to the nearest suitable medical facility or provide verbal advice over the telephone, Ambufly is here for you.

Ambufly will make all the necessary arrangements in order to deliver a safe, efficient and rapid service, retrieving and / or repatriating seriously ill patients home or abroad or transfer them to appropriate hospitals where they will continue to receive only the very highest standards of medical care.

Continuity of care is a priority at Ambufly.

Ambufly’s medical teams will remain with the patient from bedside to bedside ensuring the best care and safety remain throughout the entire process.

Ambufly prides itself as the best service delivery solution for air ambulance operations and Ambufly’s repatriation services are used by Governments, Embassies, Corporations and Companies around the world.

Medical Escorts

Depending on the serious nature of the illness or injury, a more cost effective solution might prove to be repatriation via commercial airline with medical escort travelling alongside. Should a patients condition deteriorate whilst in transit, an appropriate medical intervention will be available at all time.

Under the strict guidance and recommendation of clinicians, the Ambufly operations team will make all the necessary logistical arrangements in order to facilitate a seamless journey tailored to suit the individual need of each and every situation.

Ambufly provides an international medical escort service taking care of each and every detail ensuring the patient remains as relaxed and comfortable as possible throughout the entire journey, from bed to bed across the world.

Key Services

  • air ambulance
  • medical escort
  • commercial stretcher
  • medical air transport
  • non emergency transport
  • repatriation (safe return to home country)